At its core The Moving Wall is a community event. We gather to pay thanks to the 58,320 men and women who laid down their lives after being called into service to our nation.

There are many ways which you can contribute to the success of the event. You can register to volunteer by completing this form, or scroll down to read about some ideas we have about how you might be able to help out.

Advance Planning

A successful exhibit of The Moving Wall requires months of planning and dozens of volunteers. If you would like to help with Fundraising, Site Preparation & Logistics, Operations & Events, Communications, Education, or Volunteer Coordination, please contact our team to indicate your interest here: https://www.attleboromovingwall.org/about-us/

Construction Crew

The Moving Wall arrives on a flatbed truck as a series of 140 panels, each requiring a minimum of a 2-person lift. The Wall requires approximately 3 hours to assemble. When complete, it measures 252.4 feet in length, and is 6 feet tall in the middle, and tapers to 4 feet tall at both ends. We need volunteers who are willing to assemble and disassemble The Wall, and attend to the tents, tables, chairs, and flags at the site.

Visitor Information

Visitors to The Moving Wall are often family members, friends, and veterans who are interested in finding a particular name on The Wall. We will have a computer database available with information about all of the 58,320 men and women on The Wall, and we need volunteers who will assist visitors in finding the names they’re looking for.


The Moving Wall demands an atmosphere of solemnity and respect for the fallen. The event will be open to the public, and available for visitation 24 hours a day. We need volunteers who are willing to help us maintain order, offer support to visitors who need it, and keep the premises tidy and presentable.

About us

The Attleboro Veterans Department and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Moving Wall Steering Committee will be hosting The Moving Wall from September 26th – 30th, 2019 at Highland Park, Attleboro MA. The Moving Wall is a half-size replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial located in Washington DC.

Contact Info

  Event Address:
Highland Park
199 Mechanic Street
Attleboro, MA

508.223.2222 ext 3281


Snail Mail
Attleboro City Hall
Veterans’ Services Department
77 Park Street
Attleboro, MA 02703

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